Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding Day

I know I should have done this sooner.  My happy WEDDING DAY!  Married life is wonderful.  It is so nice to be with Derek all the time.  So far so good.  I'll keep you posted.


So Fun to have everyone there!  What a blessing!

What a gentlemen

Becky with the eyes closed...

 The new In Laws.  What a great family, they seriously are just like ours.  

Derek's grandpa looks just like Gordon B.  He is a funny man. 

Derek's good buddies from Utah State

My Husband :)

Love this one - the way he is looking at me 

I feel like this one is a from a movie.

Another Favorite

My photographer's umbrella

 So happy we got married in Salt Lake, I love that temple. 

Sisters.  Loved the bridesmaid dresses. They turned out great.  Thanks Julia!

Excuse me derek's arm...or should i say, dead arm? pretty funny

I loved my bouquet 

Julie and her nice toast

The reception hall was beautiful.  Like a fairy tale   

Ryan's toast (Derek's brother)

The Dads. I love Gordon.  He is pretty funny...well most of the time :)

Dad's Toast

I loved our cake so much, I thought it looked so cool. 

We didn't know what to do after we shoved the cake in each other's faces, we forgot that we needed to kiss. Then finally we remembered.  

Our first dance, and it was perfect.  

It was so nice to have the father daughter dance.  Oh dave...what a mush.  

Oh Derek and Sally.  What a cute mom, and what a cute picture.  

Love this one!

Throwing the Bouquet

My friend Amber caught it, and she was thrilled!

A little nervous about this situation...we just went to Cole's wedding (Derek's brother) and he stuck his head under his fiance's dress. I couldn't, I was too embarrassed...

And what do you know, Cole caught it!

The get away car!

And the final escape to the start of our honeymoon...

Bye everyone!  What an amazing night.  I hope that as you look at the pictures you feel like you were at the wedding.  I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. I loved it all. And I love my new husband more and more each day.  I know it has only been two months. But he really makes me happier each day.

Soon my blogs will be about cooking and housewife stuff.  My next new adventure!