Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Monday, January 23, 2012

3 month Anniversary

We made it to 3 months! Yay!  Well, I thought it would be fun if we celebrated every three months until a year.  So Derek surprised me with a wonderful night.  First we went to Cheesecake factory and had a great meal.  Then we drove over to temple square and he said we were going to look at the lights since we hadn't done that yet.  I said I didn't think the lights would be up, but he said lets try anyways.  We get there and the lights are not on, but I was thinking it is still fun walking around.  Then we turn the corner and there are carriages with horses. 

It was a perfect romantic evening.  Great Job Derek.  Love this guy :)



Well last weekend we went down to Vegas to visit Derek's good friend Di Hu.  Our favorite traveling buddies came with us (Katie and Josh Westover now :)  It was really nice weather and a fun time.  First we went to the Statosphere Hotel.  It was a really high building and on the top there was a thing where you could jump off the building with this cord.  It wasn't bungie jumping but just a really high jump.  We watched a few people jump that night.  One girl took forever and the guy was like come on just jump already.  Typical.  

 We were starving the next morning.  So Josh found this Groupon for like 50% our food to a place called O'aces.  We came to the building it was super ghetto.  We walked into this smokey bar.  Anyways we finally sit down and tell the waitress that we have a groupon, and then she said, "oh that is only good for one person in the group."  So we had to sit at different tables....  So I love this picture first because look at derek's face.  He is sooooo excited for this food.  (I'm pretty excited as well)

Us at different tables.  I know ridiculous huh?! But half off, come on, you would do it too!  

Later that night we got tickets to go see phantom of the Opera.  It was awesome.  The singing was amazing.  Then we went to this Buffet in the hotel. Super expensive but so good.  So moral of the story. Me and derek have been to wayyy too many all inclusive, all you can eat things in the past three months. Yes, I have gained a few pounds.  And yes we are back at crossfit getting ready for Julie's wedding!!  Yay, Julie and Lane!

Sunday Morning we went to Sacrament and then we went to this authentic Chinese resturant.  A little scary, but really good.

So here is the story with this clip.  Me and Derek were driving and we were stopped at a light.  This really tan skinny homeless man is standing right in front of our car.  Then all of a sudden he starts pretending to cry and says, wah, wah, wah, give me some money.  It was the funniest thing, yet scary.  Then he came over to our window stared us down.  (Yes I told Derek to lock the doors)  Then he went to the front of our car and banged on the car.  Then walked away.  It was pretty funny. 

That is the end of our adventure.  Until next time!