Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheese cake factory...

Yes Cassie already blogged about this, but I want these pictures on mine too :)  What a fun night.  Well the beginning wasn't that fun, we waited an HOUR and A HALF, soooo hungry.  But yes it was worth the wait.  I have decided that I am not a very patient person.  Definitely a skill I will be working on my whole life.  So we played with Luke and waited. What a good kid!

Just reading a cute!  Cassie looks great in this one! 

So fun living near my sisters. I am so lucky.  So then we got to eat and the bread there is amazing! After wards we played a competitive game of Cranium.  Yes a competitive game, me and Derek may or may not have seen new sides of each other :)  It was really fun. 

Please look at luke's face! He is loving this dinner! What a ham!

Love this man :)

Heidi and Josh's Wedding

My roommate Heidi just got married and it was so beautiful.  They looked great!  I was taking lots of notes at the reception for our wedding.  I loved this reception so much, it was decorated so beautifully.  Recently, I have become quite observant to details.  Interesting :)

What a fun party!  Earlier that week I went to another reception and it was so fun being there.  It was one of my friends from Raintree- BYU times.  And we all got together and just had a great time. I am so excited for our reception so I can see my old friends and just have a great time! 

October couldn't come soon enough!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Reuion time

It is that time again. Every summer for the past 25 years we have gotten together with our cousins from all around the country. California, Washington, Florida and NY.  Now that everyone is getting married and having kids it is getting a little crazy. But very fun!

We do a lot of eating and hanging out - Barbecuing up some hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch, pizza for dinner, and then Ralph's Italian ices for desert.  Good times. 

The old kitchen full of people.  So fun being with everyone.  A little surfing time.  It was so fun to be out there with Derek.  He did really good. Caught a few good rides :)  It was a perfect sandbar day at west gilgo beach. 

Look at Derek Shredding it up! 

Julie and Dan, the two little love birds. Julie just came home from her mission and she is adjusting quite quickly.  We really love Dan. I have been friends with him for almost 3 years now.  So we are hoping things work out between them :)

 Me and Derek Hanging out on the beach - My new hat, so excited about that :)

                          The boys all getting ready to go kayaking to the sunkin ship wreck

                                                                    Moms and their kids

A few years ago we started the Rathgeber Olympics.  So we all break into teams and paint each other with war paint.  And we have a list of events that people need to do.  (ex, sprint with a partner while holding hands, wheel barrel with a partner, go out to the ocean and paddle around a bouy.)

This year we had the adults do their own part and the last leg was that they had to roll into the ocean. Oh my goodness it was so funny watching them do that.  That was definitely my favorite part. 

We were the yellow team and we came in second.  Good job team. The little one is my aunt Barbabra who really stepped it up a notch and rolled so fast into the water. 

After the Olympics we all went over to the bay to take a swim and we played King of the float.

So when we were younger we would always play this game King of the float.  Its pretty much every man for themselves out there.  Its so funny as everyone gets older they are all so strong and fling each other around.  I decided to swim out there but I was not in the mood to be thrown off.  We got some cool pictures with these nice cameras.  In this picture it looks like Derek is walking on water.  And charlie looks like a monkey with that long hair.  Kinda cool :)

Such a fun week hanging out with my whole family and I loved having Derek there with me.  He will fit in quite nicely with everyone.

One last picture on Sunday

What a blast I had with Derek here.  The love of my life.  Now another week with just the Rathgeber's.  The house is quite a bit quieter.  But I sure do miss Derek. 

Then back to Utah and back to NetSmartz and planning a wedding.  Very Exciting.  

Pioneer Day

Some fireworks for Pioneer Day. We went over to Cassie and Chris's house for pioneer day and hung out with Luke for a little while. 

our little pretend family - fun :)
Luke got a little scared of the fireworks so we had to go inside.

I'm engaged!

Yes I know, I am a slow blogger!  But this post is an important one.  So for those of you who don't know the story (which most of you do because I only have like 10 followers) Derek proposed to me two weeks ago in the morning as we were hiking Stewart Falls...

So that morning he came over to my house and I may or may not have been bugging him to propose before I left to NY...So that morning he told me Its not happening today.  So I was like okay that's fine, and didn't think anything of it.  So I just started getting ready to go hiking and then that morning on our way to go hiking we had to stop over at Derek's house for something.  He went inside and I guess my dad called him back and he got permission from him just then.  

I was excited to go hiking. Stewart falls is my favorite and its a beautiful Saturday morning.  So we are hiking and go to the waterfall having fun, and then on the way back he pulls out of his pocket this paper that says 10 reasons I want to marry Alli.  So cute!  So as we are walking back he begins to tell me all the reasons he wants to marry me.

Here are the reasons :

10 reasons I want to marry alli.

1. because of how much you love me, you see all of the good things in me.
2. How much I love you, I want you to be happy and I want to try to make you happy everyday for the rest of our lives.
3. I want to have a family with you. I want to have little kids running around that look like you and me.
4. I want to become a better person with you, and you make me better everyday.
5. I love just sitting and talking with you and I want to spend forever sitting and talking with you.
6. You're smoking hot and I can't resist you. I love your body. I love your face, your hair, your lips. I love everything about your body.
7. I love being with you. I want to be with you forever. I love going on trips. Riding in the car. I love eating dinner. Going on dates. Working out. Walking. I love having you with me and even when I should be doing other things without you I would rather have you with me than getting those things done.
8. You're great at serving and doing things for other people. I want to be more like that. I want to help you serve and help other people. I want to serve and take care of you.
9. We look great together. I love looking at the picture of you and me that you put in my car. It makes me happy when I look at it. I want to take great looking pictures with you for the rest of our lives.
10. You're so spiritual and I'm excited to grow and develop spiritually with you throughout our lives. You are always thinking about what the Spirit is telling you and I love that about you.

Then on reason 9 we went off to a secluded place and he told me a few things and then got down on one knee and proposed.  It was perfect. I was not suspecting it at all and it was such a great morning.

He didn't get the real ring yet so he proposed with this fake one, and I love it.  Almost as much as the real one.  Well I don't know exactly what my real ring looks like but I picked out one that I liked and I should be getting something like it.  Then after, we went and got drinks and went to lunch at Zupas.  A perfect morning.  Man I love this guy :)

So that afternoon I had to go to a friends bridal shower and then me and Derek went to a BBQ with a bunch of his friends from Utah State. It was really fun and we were on our way home.  So when we got back to my house, Derek said, hey hold on one sec and he ran downstairs. I thought he just had to go to the bathroom.  So I am waiting and then he comes back upstairs and when we go down and I see rose petals into my room. When I walk in there are 6 dozen roses and candles all over the room.  He told me that he loved me and man was I happy :)  It really was the perfect day!

Just like a cat there...haha

We are getting married October 7th In Salt Lake City Ut - And I can't wait!