Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Monday, March 21, 2011

San Diego


What a fabulous weekend!  Derek, Katie Miller, Josh and I all drove to San Diego this last weekend.  What an adventure!  Derek has a good friend Di that was getting married in La Jolla so we went to go celebrate the occasion.  

Started the late night drive thursday night

me and my best friend :)
Me and my #1 

Just driving...

Katie and Josh

We ended up stopping in Vegas, and then continued on to California.  We ended up staying at the Sheraton in La Jolla, CA.  Really beautiful and fun!

hanging out by the pool

That night we went to downtown San Diego, I think its called Gaslamp District. There are lots of cute shops and great places to eat.   We walked around and went to this mexican place. 

kinda funny pictures in the background...

pretty fun place

The next day Derek had to go practice to be the minister. I will explain more later.  Then we went to the Temple that afternoon. So amazing inside. I loved it.  


That night we went to go eat with Derek's friends but we went to the beach right before. I forgot how much I love the beach!

Oh you know, Derek the football star :)

Our friend Josh has an amazing camera and is so good at taking pictures, I love this one

Derek in deep thought...

Katie and Josh

Okay so I didnt know this but Derek's friend Di asked him a while ago if he would be the officiator at his wedding when he got married.  They got married a year ago in court because everyone from China couldn't get to America. So a year later they got married in California.  And Derek "married them".  
He did such a great job I was so proud of him. I'll admit I was a little nervous for him.  
We just googled some classic wedding vows and he went to work.  
It was in La Valencia - 4 star hotel in La Jolla

I learned that these boys love each other, D really looks up to Derek.  D came straight from China and then was really good friends with Derek when he was in Arizona.  Derek is the spiritual friend that's how he got his gig :)

What a good looking minister :)  He did so great!

What a trip!