Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Christmas Cruise

Carnival Cruise to the Cayman Islands

We went on a Christmas Carnival Cruise to the Cayman Islands for Derek's work bonus. There were about 20 of us in the group.  Dereks boss's family and then about 18 co-workers.   I was a little worried to go with all of his co-workers but they turned out to be really fun, and I even made a few new friends.    Then after we got back one of the wives invited me on a city-league volleyball team.  So that was fun!

I thought that was a cute bathing suit from target.  Turns out, its not.  But the beach was beautiful.
  Taking a ferry over to the main land, then we went and hung out at the beach all day.  This was the first day we got off the boat.  

This was one of my favorite parts.  When we got off the boat there were vendors every where trying to sell you things to do.  We didn't book any excursions because we were just on our honeymoon and not too long ago.  Then, this guy brings us to his shop and me and derek said, "why not!"  So we went on a scooter ride around Cozemel. I felt like I was in the movie how to lose a guy in ten days.  It was scary being in the city at first, but once we got out it was just us and the open road and we were riding the coast.  Beautiful!  

This was one of the beaches we stopped at.  Derek went out and swam to those floating things later in the day.  It was pretty cool having all those toys in the water.  

Some locals told us to come to this little restaurant. It was really fun because it was remote. So we stopped wherever we wanted that day.

Derek making fun of me wanting a picture with my soda.  This little hidden treasure was a really fun place.  The food was excellent.  Nice to eat off the cruise ship too!

 Derek Jumping off the tube thing, you can't really see him.  He's on top.  

We didn't take very many pictures on this trip. I don't know why. Maybe bc we felt gross from eating so much.  Word of advice. Right after you get married Don't go on two all you can eat things, and have thanksgiving and Christmas.  Don't get me wrong it was amazing!  We were spoiled this year going to Cancun and then a few months later going on a cruise.  Where will our next adventure be?  Hopefully Hawaii to visit that wonderful sister of mine!

Best 30$ ever spent

Maybe we should get a scooter? What do you think?


The Grinch and the Korean Ninja!  Our first Halloween together.  We went to this ward party and we were in charge of making a haunted house room.  I think we did a pretty good job.  

Our first halloween was a hit!


Midnight Snack - Time for Crepes!
My animated husband.  So cute!
Cooking Time:  Derek is quite the chef.  We like to make crepes at night. Thanks to all of our new cookbooks and our fancy new aprons. Thank you Rachel I love it.  Being married is so fun, especially when your husband does nice things like makes delicious crepes for you!  

Honeymoon Time

It is time to write about our honeymoon.  I wanted to keep you in suspense waiting for our pictures and also my camera broke so I couldn't get the pictures off.  Well we went to Cancun, and stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres Hotel.  It's not the one that Katie, Cass and Erin all stayed at, it was BETTER!  Well, I'm sure they are all wonderful and pretty similar.

This is the back patio of our hotel room.  It had a little bed outside, and then a table to eat all of our room service. Yes we ordered that everyday.  Fajitas and french fries.  Don't forget the mini fridge with sodas and candy and chips that they fill up everyday too.

Just outside Lounging, This pool was fun because there was a bar in the middle and you can get drinks.  Diet Coke for me of course :)

I only brought one dress so I will be in the outfit at all of our nice dinners.  There were like 10 different fancy restaurants to go to each night.   I think this one was seafood.  The shrimp was so good.

Our Honeymoon Suite as you can see on the sign.  They bring us a fancy bottle of Champagne that we couldn't drink.  

We played tennis like 4 days.  So hot and such a good workout.  I have my own tennis pro to teach me.  Derek is really good.  He used to teach lessons in High School, their whole family is really good at tennis.  Probably frustrating for him, but I had a lot of fun!


 This was fun lying in the hammock.  I really liked these chairs in the water because when you got really hot you could put your feet down and cool off a little.  Not to mention the whole time people are coming around asking you what you want to drink.  Derek liked to ask for the non-alcoholic drink of the day.  Usually couldn't pronounce it. Pretty funny.

The whole resort was so wonderful. We had great weather the whole time.

And of course we were exhausted so we needed to take lots of naps.  In our complimentary robes.  Rough life.  

This was at the Italian restaurant and I ordered Ravioli thinking it would be safe.  Well I didn't know they would put goat cheese in it.  Good thing the bread was amazing!  Time to order room service tonight!

 This was our one day excursion. We went on a High Adventure Day.  We went Zip-lining from tower to tower. It took about 2 hours to get through all of them.  Then we went in these boat things through the caves.  Then we went four wheeling. It was really tiring. We better go back to the resort and relax a little.

Lunch time, wasn't too bad.  

 The inside was beautiful.  When we first arrived off the plane they meet you and give you a moist towel. Then they take your bags and ask if you need a drink. Quite wonderful.

Last Day before we get back on the plane.  

Enjoying my Diet Coke, In our wonderful room!

He is so handsome!

And lastly, suns out guns out shirt.  What a hunk!  I got this for him last summer, that was the motto in the house.  All the roommates (boys) would say suns out guns out and take of their shirts.

This trip was so great. It is fun to look back on all these pictures.  Great way to start off a wonderful marriage.