Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tucker's in Town...

 What a fun week!  Becky and Tucker, Mom and Dad and Me and Jake all went to Cassie's new house this last week.  You know we did the usual, sat around and ate.  Went on the occasional walk.  I did a few assemblies up in Salt lake this week as well. 
Me and the little man (Tuckerino)

Tucker hanging out

What a doll!

Tucker and his favorite aunt

Ok alli is ready for a baby!

Aunt Cassie

Oh dopey...we were watching snow white and decided that he looks a tad bit like dopey :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Refinishing our entertainment system...

We needed an entertainment system and our friends had a ghetto one for free so we decided to sand it and paint it. With the help of everyone we refinished it.  Me and Marie painted it.
There's lovely Marie

Me in my painting clothes, gotta love those green pants I used to think were so cute, what was i thinking?

And here is the finished product. I am really good at just asking people to help me, but I am starting to see why doing it yourself is rewarding...

Four Wheeling...

Me and Katie, Cody and Logan all went to the Spanish Fork Canyon and went four wheeling. It was a blast. Cody and Logan are best friends and me and Katie are best friends so it was fun all being together. The weather was perfect and the colors were amazing!

Me and Katie Checkin' each other out

Me and Cody...I was a little scared it was his first time, but he did really good.

Katie and Logan, beautiful trees!

Katie and Logan

Life is all about Best Friends who make you happy :)

Me and Cody..

On of our fun adventures this fall.  We have not been doing as much, just busy with work, but they will continue once the snow is here!  I just got a pass to Sundance so i am going to be a great snowboarder!

On the road...

Me and Marie driving around to schools to do internet safety presentations.  You know, saving one kid at a time from the dangers on the internet.  

On the Road, its starting to snow around here...

Second try...first try was at the ghetto hotel,  it smelled like a smokey dark funeral home so we said we were sick and needed to leave. And then went to a nicer hotel.  Not the best planning on my part.

Me and Marie, happy with our stay

Just eating at the local Mexican restaurant. 

So there are weeks when I am driving around a ton, and then others when I am in the office and just scheduling schools.