Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From Birth- One Month

Birth to One Month

We just love this little girl!  Man were we tired when she first came home.  Me and Derek looked like we aged 10 years in that first week.  We could not figure out what to do with her. She would fuss so much until Aunt Cassie came over with the Magic Swing.  Lily just loves that Swing. She has been sleeping in it the past three months of her life.  After day four we put her in that swing and she would be out for hours.  She slept through the night about 4-6 hours after that first night in the swing. Derek had to keep going in there to check on her because he was so worried.

Looking back on these pictures reminds me of so many things.
1. She was so little and now she is already almost 6 months old. Time does fly
2. She never pooped and then she would have those huge blow outs.
3.  She is a good little baby. She loved to be held the first 6 weeks, then she got better at being on the floor.
4.  She has lots of family that loves her.

Baby Shower

In September I had a wonderful baby shower for this baby girl.  Cassie, Katie and Sally threw it.  It was a little over the top and it turned out really great.  I felt loved and was so happy for all of the people who came and showed support.  Got lots of great stuff, and I was ready for her to come!

Lily's Room

I am going to back track a little and put up a bunch of posts... Time to start blogging again to remember something.  I am cursed with the Rathgeber memory. Plus I am trying to get Lily on a sleeping schedule right now So I am stuck at home. May as well start blogging right?

Getting ready for little baby girl. It was so fun getting everything all ready.  We wanted to make her feel nice and cozy in her nice nursery.

I love how her nursery turned out. It is perfect. Thanks husband for helping with everything each night.  It turned out great! And Lily Loves her crib Grandma Nielson. Good job!