Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Monday, May 9, 2011

Canoeing Utah Lake

Last Saturday it was so beautiful here. Me and Derek had such a fun day.  Me, Derek, Heidi and Amber (roommates)  hiked the Y in the morning.  It was Derek's first time ever, and I know your all wondering if he loved it.  Of course he did because he loves hiking :)

Then we came home and had a barbecue at Derek's house with his new grill. He was quite excited about that. He went to the store and bought 6 different kinds of marinades for all the meat.

The we decided to go canoeing at Utah Lake... Me, Derek, Cole and Sarah (Derek's brother and girlfriend) and then Sarahs brother and wife came too.  It was really fun.

To start things off...

Derek was putting the canoe into the water with his brother cole, and he slipped in.  It was so funny, and he was laughing/frustrated and freezing. Great way to start off our little trip.

it was a perfect day

nice clear water

So happy :)

Derek was mad that we are taking too many pictures and getting hit by the trees.  Me thinking that it was really funny. 

 Great day in the SUN!