Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Derek Alli & Baby Lily

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lily with visitors - Becky and Doug, Mom and Dad and Julie, and Idaho Christmas

Month One- Month Two

I am just going to post my favorite pictures from this time period.  Okay well I just realized there are 80 pictures.  Good luck.  Okay she had the worst acne for a few weeks and she had that eye gunk too. I guess a clogged tear duct.  But she sure is a happy baby. I can't believe how much she smiles. She started at like 5 weeks.

In these pictures we were in Idaho for Christmas, and then Beck and Doug came to Utah so that was really fun.  We got to meet cute Lakey.  Mom and Dad were here too.  And then Julie made an appearance. Jake we missed you!

We also blessed Lily. She was a perfect angel during the blessing and Derek did a great job blessing her. We are so blessed to have Lily in our lives.

 We were so happy when she started sleeping in her crib. She would not sleep unless she was moving.  So it was a happy day when she finally slept in her nice crib.  Compliments of Sally.

 She's thinking dad get off of me.

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